End of Year Figures – 2022/23

Check out our Social Impact Figures for the year 2022/2023

It has been a busy and trying year due to the Cost of living crisis. CFRC have continued to run and help those most in need. We would to thank everyone that donated and bought from us over the last year.

Over the last year CFRC have made impacts environmentally, socially and financially;

CFRC have stopped 13,500 items from entering landfill. This equals a massive 295.8 ton of items and a massive 675 ton of CO2. This is the same as the yearly amount of 147 family cars!

CFRC have taken on 18 full time employees and helped 3,740 households in the past year. This can be those that are moving into their first home, escaping homelessness and those who are referred to us.

CFRC give access to high quality low cost furniture items. Due to all of your support, We have been able to give £84,205 of discounted furniture. This means that 30% of all donated items are discounted. As well as this we have given away 2,023 free items amounting to an extra 15% of all donated items.

We will continue our free collections within Ayrshire and give access to low cost, quality items.

We have increased our effort in mattress reuse with our mattress project. We now have containers at the North Ayrshire HWRC sites with the hopes of stopping reusable mattresses from entering landfill.

Last year the mattress project allowed us to collect 717 mattresses for cleaning and reuse. So far, we have reused 530, and we have sent 60 to be recycled into their original parts. We hope to further increase these figures in the coming year. Find out more about reuse mattresses here:

Donate Mattresses For Reuse – CFRC (cfrcltd.org.uk)

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