The Brotherswood Project at Greenwood Academy

Find out more about the Greenwood Academy student project titled ‘The Brotherswood’ supported by Cunninghame Furniture Recycling.
Greenwood Brotherswood Project
The Brotherswood Project

Greenwood Academy Started a student project titled ‘The Brotherswood’ in 2017 with funding from Developing the young workforce through North Ayrshire Council.

The project was created by providing the students with items that were not in the best condition, and that could have been thrown out otherwise. CFRC have donated furniture items to the project each year since its inception and the students then upcycle them; giving them a new lease of life.

CFRC then display these upcycled items in our showroom and sell them on behalf of the school and project with all the money raised from the sale presented back to the project helping to ensure its future.  

These projects allow pupils to experience context-based learning and they develop skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and decision making as well as gaining SQA qualifications.

In 2017/18, the value raised was an amazing £100. Then in 2018/19, an excellent £250 was raised. This was all achieved by CFRC customers purchasing and supporting this worthwhile project and appreciating the excellent work of the ‘Brotherswood’ pupils involved.

Greenwood Brotherswood Project

Our partnership working with CFRC goes from strength to strength. Our pupils are developing their practical skills and being creative with the pieces of furniture we receive. Pupils work in small groups on individual projects thereby building their team-working and leadership skills. These upcycled items are then donated to members of our school community or returned to CFRC for sale. Pupils gain SQA awards from participating in this project, but they also experience a real sense of achievement from “giving back” to the community. Pupils speak highly of their involvement in the project, recognising that the transferrable skills they are developing is helping them to move into positive destinations beyond school.

– Jennifer Torbit, Depute Head Teacher, Greenwood Academy

During the pandemic the project was restricted, however, we are pleased that the project has again restarted in 23/24 with the sale of the upcycled items raising a staggering £217. CFRC are committed to continuing their support for this amazing project operated by Greenwood Academy and the Brotherswood project in the years to follow and hope our support helps this project continue to provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop useful skills.

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