Buy a reuse mattresses

Did you know that we also stock professionally cleaned re-use mattresses from many brand names?

Did you know that we stock great value reuse mattresses ready for you to take away today?

Every year in Scotland, over 600,000 mattresses are sent to Scottish landfill each year?

Many of these mattresses can be reused?

Environmental charity Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) is calling for the “staggering” amount of waste to be stopped. If stacked on top of each other, the “Mattress mountain” would be about 100 times taller than 1,345m Ben Nevis.

Not only can you get a quality, clean, low cost mattress from CFRC, you can help by diverting a perfectly good mattress from landfill.

At CFRC we only accept mattress donations that are suitable for reuse. Many of our reuse mattresses are household named mattresses and we carry a great selection too.

We don’t accept anything that isn’t suitable for our valued customers. All mattresses that are donated to CFRC go through a rigourous quality control process. We check and double check them, and, once deemed suitable for reuse we have the professionally cleaned.

The Cleaning is performed inhouse by trained CFRC staff safely cleaning and sanitising to remove bacteria, viruses, odours and soiling using high pressure methods and steaming methods in order to get the mattresses back to their best.

Only once our reuse mattresses have went through this cleaning process are they ready for our show room and for our customers to buy.

  • Fully Deep Cleaned
  • Deodorised
  • Stains Treated
  • Stain Guard Free
  • Children & Pet Safe
  • Sanitized

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