Reuse Mattresses – Diverting From Landfill

As part of our reopening and relaunch on 26th April 2021 inspired by the need for reuse mattresses in relation to orders received from our partnerships North Ayrshire Council’s Social Welfare Team, we have committed to saving and reusing as many mattresses as possible.  As well as diverting these from landfill, ensuring they are reused also ensures that there are less new mattresses being unnecessarily purchased and brought into circulation.  This is a huge problem faced by every Local Authority and a hangover we will be leaving for future generations if we cannot find a solution.

Our solution is a new partnership with a commercial cleaning company Cleaning 4U Family Team.  They recently visited our premises in Irvine and, using very powerful equipment, managed to clean and sanitise over 60 mattresses that we would previously not have processed for reuse as we didn’t have the ability or resource to clean these to an acceptable reuse standard.  This partnership is invaluable and Cleaning 4U Family Team have been very supportive of what we are trying to achieve and spent several days processing and cleaning these mattresses for us in order that we can assure purchasers of their quality and cleanliness at the point of sale.

We have already sold several of these mattresses, which are far better quality than cheaper new mattresses, not to mention, cheaper to purchase.  Why not have a better quality cleaned, sanitised, reuse mattress, apposed to a cheap new one?  All mattresses that have had this treatment are clearly marked in store and have been bagged or shrink wrapped to ensure they stay that way until they reach the purchaser.

We also use these mattresses to satisfy North Ayrshire Council SWF orders and their commitment to a circular economy, environmental issues and reusing furniture.  We also work closely with their Waste Services Team and continually strive to look for bigger and better ways to prevent waste, assisting the environment, and those most in need.

CFRC Operations Manager:

“We need to find a solution to the problem of mattresses and their disposal.  Our solution is to deep clean & sanitise quality mattresses ensuring they can then be reused”

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