Unique Items Donated To CFRC

Check out these wacky wonderful and unique items that have been donated to CFRC in the past. Some items aren’t even furniture items! When pieces like these come in the rarely stay for long so follow us on Facebook to get first dibs of these treasures: Cunninghame Furniture Recycling | Irvine | Facebook
Coffee table by day….
Roulette table by night.
Hidden USB charging inside a dining room table- smart and practical!
Beautiful craftsmanship.
This piece is straight out of a fairytale cottage.
Funky patterned couch
Pattern clash couch/ a maximalists dream.
A stack of large books?
Table in the shape of books
Nope, Its a coffee table with storage!
I mean who didn’t want a light up race car bed when they were little?
Perfect for a pro-gamer.
If you have any unique items you know someone else would love would like to donate then follow this link: Free Collection Of Your Unwanted Furniture – CFRC (cfrcltd.org.uk)
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