IBP Service User Survey Results

Exciting Customer Survey Results Unveiled!

Every two years, CFRC employ the services of an independent Strategy & Research company to complete a User Research study of our customers, both donors and purchasers and this year’s survey marked our sixth major exploration of CFRC’s performance.

Two parallel surveys were instructed with IBP Strategy & Research reaching out to “buyers” and “donors.” From postal and online surveys to telephone interviews no stone was left unturned, ensuring our data reflects the current performance of CFRC in 2023.

Accurate within +/- 5%, this data provides a vivid picture of our community’s attitudes, behaviour and profiles and provides CFRC management information on where changes may be required to ensure your experience is the best it can be.

The highly anticipated results of our 2023 customer survey are in, and they’re nothing short of amazing! This blog will cover the highlights established from surveying customers who have purchased items from CFRC – our “buyers”.

The heart of CFRC customers beats strongest right here where we are based in North Ayrshire at a whopping 60% but that’s not all.  South and East Ayrshire are catching the excitement bug, with percentages also on the rise from 12% to 16% in East Ayrshire and from 18% to 19% in South Ayrshire.

With a whopping 77% of buyers coming back for more, it seems that customers just love returning for more CFRC bargains . And the love doesn’t stop there – 45% are not just buyers but also proud CFRC donors, helping us achieve our social and environmental impacts.

Website and social media mania – hold onto your smartphones. 77% of buyers are now part of our social media community, a leap from 72% in 2021! Facebook aficionados, you’re in for a treat as 99% are aware of CFRC’s page, and a mind-blowing 99% rate their experience positively. 30% have explored our website, with an impressive 88% of users giving the website a big thumbs up.

From access to top-notch goods (78%) to unbeatable prices (77%), CFRC is the place to be! But here’s the plot twist: the desire to support local has dipped from 42% to 29%, showcasing our evolving landscape and the effect of the current cost of living crisis.

Between 98% and 100% are singing praises for our customer service attributes! Staff courtesy, knowledge – you name it, we’ve aced it!

99% to 100% of buyers are also raving about our delivery services!

CFRC isn’t just a store; it’s a game-changer for households! From making homes more attractive (96%) to unlocking doors to unique products (87%) and elevating standards of living (72%) – the CFRC effect is REAL and life-changing.

Drumroll, please….100% of those with an opinion would recommend CFRC to friends and family.  You can’t say more than that!

These survey results are more than just numbers – they’re a testament to the extraordinary community we’ve built together! Keep soaring high, shopping smart, and keep spreading the love for CFRC far and wide as we couldn’t achieve any of this without you !

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