How Your Donations and Purchases Help CFRC

How Do Your Donations and Purchases Help?

Have you ever wondered how your purchases and donations help CFRC. This blog will tell you the positive impact that your purchases and donations have on us as a charity.

Supporting a Sustainable Cause

Discarded furniture has a huge impact on the environment. When furniture is discarded, it often ends up in landfills, where it takes up valuable space and can contribute to soil and water pollution. Furniture is bulky, and many parts may not biodegrade for a long time. Not to mention that some of this furniture still has plenty of use left!

By donating your unwanted reusable furniture,  you are saving perfectly good furniture from taking up space in landfill.

Affordable Options for Everyone

The revenue generated from the sale of donated furniture is reinvested into the organization to support our mission. Your purchases also allow us to implement sales and discount already reasonably priced furniture.

CFRC’s stock of reuse furniture items is often priced well below what you’d pay for comparable new furniture. This makes it an excellent choice for students, young families, individuals on a tight budget, and anyone seeking cost-effective furnishing options

CFRC’s primary goal is to make quality furniture accessible to everyone in the community. By selling donated furniture at affordable prices, we ensure that individuals and families with varying budget constraints can find suitable pieces for their homes.

Furniture for Those in Need

CFRC often donate furniture to low-income families and those in need. CFRC have been involved in providing quality reuse furniture to North Ayrshire Council Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) recipients through our membership of the Reuse Consortium since 2021. Those referred to us have the option to choose the piece of furniture that they would like.

Since CFRC started supplying goods to SWF clients in 2021 we have assisted 2628 households by providing;

  • 759 double bed bases and mattresses
  • 506 single bed bases and mattresses
  • 1184 2 & 3 Seater sofas

In addition to this CFRC also provided over 800 items free of charge amounting to the value of over £18,000

Job Creation and Training

Through the revenue generated from the sale of donated furniture, CFRC can create jobs within the organization.

CFRC is not just a furniture recycling store; it’s a place that empowers individuals within the local community. Donations play a pivotal role in making this possible. With the support of the community, CFRC can offer job training and employment opportunities to people who might have faced obstacles in finding work elsewhere.

CFRC provides on-the-job training to its employees. Individuals who may not have had previous experience or skills in the furniture industry can receive valuable training and acquire new skills, which can be applied in various aspects of their lives.

If you would like to help us sustain and grow as a charitable orginisation, please donate your reuse furniture: Free Collection Of Your Unwanted Furniture – CFRC (

You can also view our wide range of stock instore, we post new stock on our Facebook everyday:  Facebook

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