DIY’s Using Mirrors

DIY’s Using Mirrors

We receive a range of donated mirrors from standing to vanity units. Here are some DIY’s using mirrors. Try these out on one that you have at home or pop into our store for a bargain that you can experiment your creativity on.

dIY's hot glue gun

Use a hot glue gun and some old twine…

twine framed mirror

to create some texture using neutral colours.

DIY's mirror with cardboard backing

Hot glue some old cardboard to the back of the mirror to act as a base

mirror with twig frame

and add twigs to completely change the shape.

painted mirror

Use acrylic paint directly on your mirror

Mirrored tray on wall


You can find quality mirrors to DIY at our CFRC store in Irvine. If you would like to donate any mirrors or larger items follow this link: Free Collection Of Your Unwanted Furniture – CFRC (

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