Five Ideas For Upcycling Soft Furnishings

do you enjoy upcycling?

Here are 5 of our favourite ways to upcycle your soft furnishings.

this is a great way to prolong the life of items that you already own before you donate or recycle them. these simple yet effective idea give your furniture a new lease of life whether you are masking imperfections or changing up your interior style.COLLECTIdeaON OF YOUR UNWANTED reusable FURNITURE!

1. Embroidery patches can cover a multitude of sins (or cat scratches)

2. upholster seat covers with some fabric and glue

3. a lick of fabric paint can give your furniture a completely different look

4. drape an old blanket to give your sofa a relaxed and cosy feel, not sewing involved- upcycling made easy!

5. get really crafty with a sewing machine or glue gun and create new cushion covers

So if you fancy a bash at any of these diy’s then check out our showroom for some upcycling inspiration. 

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