Decorating Your Home on a Budget

At CFRC we know that times can be tough with the cost-of-living crisis. The C word (Christmas) is starting to creep up, and we know that money can be tight. So, if you need to decorate your home on a budget then we can be here to help.

We have it all covered from rugs to furniture to white goods and to paint.

When decorating your home always plan ahead. Having an idea of what you want can make buying furniture faster and easier. However, try and keep an open mind too. You may not get exactly what you are looking for but upcycling can make it your dream bit of furniture.

We also host regular sales throughout the year just to help that little bit more.

We have you covered for almost everything.

Recycled, Eco-Friendly Paint

We sell our own paint and prices start from as little as £12 for 5L of white or magnolia paint. Also, we have coloured paint that starts from £20 for 5L.

white goods

We have a range of stock of white goods from, fridges and freezers to dishwashers and washing machines. All these items are graded brand new. They may have some very light damage like small scratches or scrapes that cannot be seen from afar. This is why we can sell them for the price we do.

• We have under-counter fridge or freezers for £140.

Dishwashers for £150

• Dryers for £190.

• Washing machines for £200

• Fridge freezers for £225-£250

• American style fridge freezers for £420.

These prices are great for what you get as previously mentioned, they are graded new.

bedroom furniture

We have the full bedroom covered, with have both brand new and reuse beds and mattresses available. We can cater to any budget to please do ask our sales team for more information. Our beds come in single, double and king-size.

As well as beds we have a range of bedroom furniture from wardrobes, to bedside cabinets and dressers. We have a range of stock and a range of sizes and colours to suit any style.

Livingroom furniture

We have all your sofa needs covered, from sofa beds, to corner couches to rise and recliner. These all can come in many varied sizes and colours to suit whatever style you wish. We also have side boards and tables too. Pictures and mirrors? We’ve got you covered with them too.

Come into our showroom and browse our fabulous collection or have a look at our Facebook page. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 0800 221 8083. You can message on Facebook, and we will be happy to help you however we can.

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