CFRC x Brotherswood

How Brotherswoods at Greenwood Academy and CFRC are working in partnership to reduce waste and encourage upcycling

CFRC have been working with the ‘Brotherswood’ students at Greenwood Academy since 2017. The project was started by providing the students with items that were not in the best condition, and that could have been thrown out otherwise. The students then upcycle these items and give them a new lease of life by giving the items some love. CFRC then display these upcycled items in our showroom for sale and provide the school and project with all the money raised from the sale to help continue running the project in the future. These projects allow pupils to experience context-based learning and they develop skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and decision making as well as gaining SQA qualifications. 

In 2017, the value raised was an amazing £100. Then in 2018, an excellent £250 was raised. This was all done by our amazing customers at CFRC, coming in and loving the work that the ‘Brotherswood’ students done. Due to COVID, the project became restricted and came to a slight halt. However, we are pleased to announce that the project is up and running again and we have brand new upcycled items in our showroom that you can love! 

This year we have an amazing 31 items that have been upcycled and on display. These items have suggested values between £5 and £30. However, if you wish to contribute more then please do so. Both CFRC and the ‘Brotherswood’ students would be extremely grateful. All the money raised goes to the students and towards the funding of the project.   

The students who are a part of this project have great enjoyment in what they do and have provided us with some quotes regarding the project.  

Below are some examples of the items that you can find, and we have many more in store. Please come on down and support a great local project.  

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