CFRC Reopening 26th April

Please read our Re-Opening rules for all customers visiting our Showroom, making a furniture dontation, or having furniture picked up or delivered.

Good News!!  CFRC are preparing to reopen our Showroom on 26th April and look forward to welcoming you all back.  This short video provides information on everything we are doing to keep you, and our staff, safe.

We are currently, and have been providing essential services of emergency furniture to those most in need and referred through NAC Scottish Welfare Fund & NAC Community Hubs during this 2nd lockdown. To provide this service we have been operating a skeleton staff to safely deliver those items.   Additional staff are now returning and we are back to collecting donations.

We have placed a thorough message on our phoneline providing information on how you can contact us or make a donation.  There is no ability to leave us a message on the phones at the moment but we will respond to messages sent via the Contact Us area of our website.

 We are currently collecting donations and priority is being given to sofas, seating and beds.  If you had a collection booked before our lockdown in December last year and still need us to collect please get in touch using the link below and subject “REBOOK”, providing your name, address and contact number and we will get this booked in and confirm a date/time for collection.

If you no longer require us to collect, again please use the link below using “CANCEL” as your subject, provide your name & address and we will cancel your collection.

If you have furniture you want to donate and would like booked for collection, please complete a donation form by following the link below.

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your ongoing support and hope you all stay safe.
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